Hexter Aluminium Luggage

Cabin-In 56/20

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The Hexter Cabin 56/20, crafted from premium aluminum, revolutionizes luggage access with its hydraulic opening system, eliminating the hassle of traditional clamshell designs. This feature ensures effortless handling, even when fully packed, making it a superior choice for travelers seeking both durability and convenience.
Colour: Red
Technical drawing of a luggage with dimensions provided. The left image shows the suitcase from the front, with a handle at the top, and is 38cm wide. The right image shows the suitcase from the side with the handle extended, and is 20.5cm deep and 56.5cm tall, including the wheels. The design features are outlined in a detailed and schematic manner, with a ribbed texture on all surfaces. The illustrations are in a light grey tone against a white background.
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Features of Our Aluminium Luggage

Close-up of a black telescopic luggage handle in the retracted position, isolated on a light background.

Telescopic Handle

Embrace ergonomic design with the telescopic handle on +Plus Luggage. Effortlessly extend and retract for a customized grip that makes maneuvering through bustling airports or winding streets a breeze.

Image of a sleek, metallic-black, ribbed hard-shell aluminium luggage seen from the front, with visible side handles and a retractable top handle, against a light background.

Magnesium Aluminum

At +Plus Luggage, we've chosen aircraft-grade magnesium aluminum to construct our luggage for a reason: Strength and Resilience. Enjoy the benefits of this premium material, ensuring your luggage remains sturdy and stylish on all your travels.

Close-up image of a black ribbed luggage in an upright position, featuring a TSA-approved combination lock and a side handle, set against a light background.

TSA-Approved Locks

At +Plus Luggage, we prioritize your peace of mind. Our luggage features a TSA-Approved Lock that allows airport authorities to inspect your bag without damaging it, so you can travel confidently knowing your possessions are protected

Detail image of a black ribbed luggage lying on its side, focusing on the lower corner with a durable wheel and a black protective bumper, against a white background with a subtle shadow underneath indicating the suitcase is raised above the surface.

+PLUS MultiWheel

Experience the tranquility of travel with +Plus Luggage's Silence TPR Multi-Angle Wheels. Engineered for silence and versatility, these wheels glide effortlessly in any direction, ensuring smooth and peaceful journeys throughout your adventures.

Promotional image featuring a black ribbed aluminium luggage standing upright on the left side of the frame. To the right, there's text in a modern font that reads "Where Elegance Meets Durability" above the word "HEXTER" in bold, followed by "New Arrival" in a smaller font. The background is white, emphasizing the suitcase and the text.

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