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Where Innovation Meets Adventure

Elevating Your Journey

At +Plus, we're more than just manufacturers of luggage and travel accessories. We're architects of experiences, creators of convenience, and champions of your travel aspirations. Our story is one of passion, expertise, and a commitment to
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Our journey began in the bustling heart of Singapore, a city known for its innovation and multicultural vibrancy. Our founder, having spent 18 years immersed in the manufacturing landscape of China, brought forth a vision that would transform the way travellers experience their adventures. Drawing on an intricate web of supply chain connections and a profound understanding of the industry, +Plus was born.
+Plus Where Innovation Meets Adventure
Person in blue jeans walking confidently with a red Hexter +Plus Aluminium Luggage on wheels, suggesting stylish and convenient travel through an urban setting.
What sets us apart?

We are specialists, not generalists. In a world where brands often diversify to the point of dilution, we remain resolutely dedicated to one purpose: enhancing your travel experience. Years of being the behind-the-scenes powerhouse for some of the world's renowned luggage brands have bestowed us with unparalleled expertise. This is the +Plus advantage – the culmination of industry knowledge, manufacturing prowess, and an unyielding passion for perfecting travel essentials.

A person is depicted from the waist down, walking on a city street, holding a large silver suitcase handle with one hand and carrying a gray bag in the other. They wear blue jeans, a brown belt, and brown ankle boots. The name 'Chelsea' is superimposed on the image, possibly indicating a brand or product line associated with the luggage.
+Plus is not just a name; it's a philosophy. We're more than a brand; we're your steadfast travel companions. With an unwavering focus on crafting top-tier luggage and travel accessories, our mission is to elevate your journey from ordinary to extraordinary. Our values are deeply rooted in the notion that quality and value should seamlessly intertwine, ensuring that you receive nothing less than the very best.
Our product line is a symphony of functionality and elegance, meticulously designed to provide you with peace of mind as you embark on your journeys. Each +Plus luggage tells a story of protection, security, and the promise that your belongings are safeguarded, no matter where your adventures take you.When you travel with +Plus, you're never alone. You're accompanied by a brand that has traversed the world countless times, whispered secrets to the winds, and greeted the sunrise from distant horizons. Your trips become more than just movements from one place to another; they become chapters in the story of your life, enriched by the +Plus touch.So, let's embark on this journey together. Let's redefine travel, one experience at a time. With +Plus, every step is an invitation to explore, to dream, and to discover the world in all its boundless beauty. Your journey is our passion, and we can't wait to +Plus it.

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