Chelsea Luggage

Cabin-In 54/23

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Lunar New Year
Colour: Silver
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Key Features

Close-up view of the extended telescopic handle of a luggage , showing the ergonomic grip and button, metallic rods with adjustment holes, against a white background.

Telescopic Handle

Embrace ergonomic design with the telescopic handle on +Plus Luggage. Effortlessly extend and retract for a customized grip that makes maneuvering through bustling airports or winding streets a breeze.

Top view of a metallic silver luggage  with a sturdy ribbed design and a central branded logo latch for secure closure.

Magnesium Aluminum

At +Plus Luggage, we've chosen aircraft-grade magnesium aluminum to construct our luggage for a reason: Strength and Resilience. Enjoy the benefits of this premium material, ensuring your luggage remains sturdy and stylish on all your travels.

Close-up view of a silver metallic suitcase's top handle and telescoping handle mechanism with secure locks and riveted construction.

TSA-Approved Locks

At +Plus Luggage, we prioritize your peace of mind. Our luggage features a TSA-Approved Lock that allows airport authorities to inspect your bag without damaging it, so you can travel confidently knowing your possessions are protected

Detailed view of the bottom corner of a silver metallic luggage showing the wheel and lower part of the retractable handle.

+PLUS MultiWheel

Experience the tranquility of travel with +Plus Luggage's Silence TPR Multi-Angle Wheels. Engineered for silence and versatility, these wheels glide effortlessly in any direction, ensuring smooth and peaceful journeys throughout your adventures.

Promotional banner for Chelsea luggage featuring a close-up of a silver luggage corner with text overlay saying 'Where Elegance Meets Durability' and 'New Arrival'.